Elevate your CRO with Marco Praetorius.

I help companies with conversion optimization – whether it’s getting the last 5% out or building/optimizing an experimentation program.

Boosting conversion rates through comprehensive analysis and optimization.

I optimize your website’s conversion rates through a range of data-driven services, including qualitative & quantitative analysis, customer journey analysis, UX design & usability optimisation, and development & optimisation of experimentation programmes.

Qualitative analysis: Exploring the „why“ behind user experiences for targeted optimization.

Quantitative analysis: analysing the „how much“ through measurable data for effective website optimization.

On the path to conversion, I identify optimization opportunities and ensure a seamless experience by exploring customer interactions, enhancing engagement and driving results.

Assisting you in creating visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces while enhancing usability, to improve the user experience and boost your conversion rates.

Together, we create and refine a robust experimentation strategy, using data-driven tests to continuously enhance your website and boost conversion rates.

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Conversion Expert

Qualitative & quantitative user-centeredness since 2004


Focus on individual customer needs and close collaboration


Let's aim for your customer journey pain points and identify levers


Creativity and innovation for unique solutions and strategies.

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About me

Active in the field of qualitative and quantitative user-centeredness since 2004. Active in the field of Online Controlled Experimentation since 2013.
Experience with many different industries, from an agency perspective, in permanent positions with medium-sized companies and corporations, and from freelance work with ONLINECONVERSION.

Responsible for the experimentation programme at IU International University – Germany’s largest university with more than 100,000 students from all over the world.


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